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Black Friday Music Software Deals

You can either click the banner above to be taken to the Plugin Boutique website, where you can browse all the deals; or you can scroll down to see my picks. Either way, I’m sure you will find something awesome.

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SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro


The name suggests that this is a vocoder, but it is actually more than that. Yes, it can be used for vocals, but it can also be used for any other sound. You can record any sound you want into it, then Vocalizer Pro can turn that sound into something musical. It also acts as a synthesizer, giving you a choice between 16 different types of Spectral Synthesis, as well as 16 different filter configurations – alter the cutoff, resonance, envelope, and saturation.

Air Music: AIR Keyboard Collection


If you are a fan of pianos and organs, this is the collection for you. In this deal, you get 3 distinct virtual instrument packages:

  • Velvet 2 – this actually combines 5 legendary 60s and 70s electric pianos into one software instrument. These are the Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II Stage Pianos, Wurlitzer 200A, Fender Rhodes Suitcase and Hohner Pianet-T.
  • DB-33 – a software imitation of a Hammond B3 organ, you can sound like legends like Jimmy Smith, Stevie Winwood, and Jon Lord from Deep Purple.
  • Mini Grand – there are 7 different grand piano models to choose from here, so you will be sure to get the exact piano sound you are looking for, or rather listening for.

Air Music DB-33


Although the DB-33 comes as part of the Air Keyboard Collection above, if you want to get it on its own, this is a great deal.

SONiVOX TimewARP 2600


If you are in any way into synthesizers, you have most likely heard of the ARP 2600. It is a classic analog synthesizer that was used by Jean-Michel Jarre on his early albums such as Oxygene, Equinoxe, and Magnetic Fields. Here you get a software version of this superb synthesizer, and it has even been endorsed by the inventor of the original ARP 2600. Not only that, it is actually better than the original for several reasons. It can be played via MIDI, and it has 8 note polyphony.

Air Music: AIR Creative Collection


This deal is just the same as the Air Keyboard Collection above, but instead of the Velvet 2, it has Expand!2. It is an extraordinary synthesizer and effects processor all in one. It is great for sound design, but also really good for getting a lot of classic sounds such as synth pads, synth brass, various pianos, organs, strings, drums vocals, and a lot more.

Air Music: Ignite


For people who want to quickly create great music with minimum fuss, Ignite is a user-friendly music creation tool that makes it easy for you to get your musical ideas down. It has more than 275 instruments taken from some of Air Music’s best instrument collections. Not only that, if you plug in an Ignite supported keyboard, the controls will automatically be mapped so you can just get to making music straight away. It also allows you to record up to two tracks of audio, so you can lay down some vocals and guitar on top of your electronic sounds. Considering you can get 70% off here, this is excellent value for money.

AIR Music Synth Bundle


Here you get three great software synthesizers together in one pack:

  • Loom – this is a modular additive synthesizer consisting of a sound-shifting Morph Pad and 30 modules that can be edited. As if that wasn’t enough, it comes with over 350 patches created by experienced sound designers.
  • Vacuum Pro with Fresh Air Expansion – this polyphonic analog synthesizer has vacuum tube modeling to capture the warm, crunchy sounds of the old classic analog synthesizers from the 70s and 80s.
  • Hybrid 3 – this high-definition synthesizer combines analog synthesis with wavetable synthesis. This makes it very versatile and capable of creating many unique sounds.

Arturia Legendary Keyboards


Arturia are offering 50% or more off 18 of their awesome virtual instruments: Matrix 12 V, Piano V, B-3 V, CS80 V, Farfisa V, Jup-8 V, Analog Lab, Mini V, Modular V, ARP2600 V, Prophet V, SEM V, Solina V, Stage-73 V, Synclavier V, Voc Continental V, Wurli V, and Spark 2. With that many virtual synthesizers and other instruments to choose from, you really can’t go wrong here.

KV331 Audio Synthmaster


There are three different versions of the Synthmaster package available:

  • Synthmaster – this all-round semi-modular virtual synthesizer and effects processor does a lot all in one package. There are many different synthesis types, such as Virtual Analog, Wavetable, Additive, Frequency Modulation, Physical Modeling, and more.
  • Synthmaster Everything Bundle – this is the same software but also contains a huge 1750 presets created by 9 different authors.
  • Synthmaster Everything Bundle Upgrade – if you already own Synthmaster, you can take this deal to upgrade to the Everything Bundle.



There are 15 different Samplephonics virtual instruments on offer, each with 50% off their standard price: 808/909 Bundle, Brushed Grooves, Chemical Beats Bundle, Deep Textures, Dirty Modular, Lithium Beats by EVAC, Nevo Analogue Machines, Plasmic Beats by Ivo Ivanov, Samplephonics 808, Samplephonics 909 Rhythm Composer, Slide Machine 001, Slice Machine 002, Sonas Philicorda, Word Percussion Soundtrack 01, and Word Percussion Soundtrack 02.



The DopeVST Black Friday sale includes 50% saving on 10 different virtual instruments: Bass Engine 1, Bass Engine 2, Beat Machine 1, Live Elements, The Knock, Beat Machine 2, Crate Digger, Fresh Crates, Dusty Fingers, and Soul Town.

Novation V-Station


The V-Station is a software version of the Novation K-Station and offers 8-voice polyphony, awesome filters, and simultaneous Novation FX. Its 3 powerful oscillators have FM and noise capabilities, and it comes with 200 factory presets and 400 user programs. This means you can get started with the built-in sounds as soon as you turn it on, but once you want to start creating your own sounds, you can save as many as 400 of them.

Novation Bass Station


The original hardware version of Novation’s Bass Station was released in 1993 and went on to define the sound of many popular dance songs. Here it has been faithfully recreated in digital software form, so you can get access to all those great classic Bass Station sounds all from within your computer. The classic sawtooth and square waveforms have been carefully modeled to preserve their town, and the classic ladder 12/24 dB low-pass filter. Buying it in software form is a lot cheaper than buying the physical hardware synth, and now with 50% off you can get it even cheaper!

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra + Expansions


Here there is a 50% saving on Carbon Electra and 5 expansion packs. Dark Horizon, Deep Dub Tech, Drop Zone, Emissions, and Throwback.

Carbon Electra is a subtractive synthesizer with 4 oscillators, an editable step sequencer, distortion, vocal filter, analog control, and informative displays. There are no hidden menus here either, so the synth engine is very easy to learn. You just start playing around with the knobs and start making awesome sounds!

Rob Papen Predator


This is very much a modern synthesizer, perfect for styles like house and trance, thanks to the fat synth sounds and percussive style sounds. You may even find this ends up being your main “go to” synth for modern music production.

As well as the awesome modern sounds, it also has a very easy to use interface. Nearly all of the synth’s controls are right there on the screen, which means you can quickly and easily change and manipulate your sounds on the fly.

D16 Group Synth Deals


You definitely have a lot to choose from here. You have 40% off 17 different virtual instrument packages: Antresol, Classic Boxes Collection, Decimort 2, Devastor 2, Drumazon, Fazortan, LuSH-101, Nepheton, Nithonat, Phoscyon, PunchBOX, Redoptor, Sigmund, SilverLine Collection, Syntorus, Toraverb, and Total Bundle.

BeepStreet Sunrizer


The Sunrizer virtual synthesizer has a classic subtractive synthesizer design with some unique features. First of all, the two oscillators and two sub-oscillators combine to create that classic “supersaw” sound you may have heard on the JP-8000. Then it has pulse width, ring modulation, and frequency modulation, and even a really nice unison feature. Feed this through the classic filters and you are all set for synth domination!



Here you get 35% off any one of 9 great virtual drum machines: Bollywood Maharaja Drums, Bounce Drop-X, Retro Hit, Slam Dawg, Slam Pro, That Thing, Urban Producer Bundle, and Valvesque.

Arturia V Collection 5


Here you get 20% off Arturia’s V Collection 5. This is a collection of 17 classic keyboards in software form. Everything from old organs through to classic synths is here.

I hope you found something you liked in these VST Black Friday Music Software deals, but if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them in the comments section below.


  1. Jeremy Hood

    Black Friday sales are crazy I can’t believe Plugin Boutique is offering 50% off this music equipment!

    Do you know if they offer karaoke machines?

    I went on a family trip last summer and we all went a little crazy on a karaoke machine where we stayed. I wanted to look for on for my mother in law’s house but want one that is quality. I don’t want a cheap one you can find in a department store.

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment, Jeremy. I haven’t seen any karaoke machines on Plugin Boutique. It is all software on that website.

  2. Jaylin

    This is awesome, okay I just want to ask this, but of all the options on this list, which would you recommend for someone who wants to create techno music? Something more akin to like say, making your own remixes or something of the sort?

    I’ve been studying music making programs and software more and more, but so far I just use soundation (free sounds).

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Great question, Jaylin. Actually, if you want to make techno music, I highly recommend Propellerhead Reason.

  3. Simon

    Just gone for a browse through the Air Keyboard collection and there are some fabulous deals here that have got me tempted.
    I used to play the piano when I was a kid but due to work commitments I haven’t played for years simply because I haven’t got the time.
    I did have a go a few years back on a keyboard, like you say playing the imitation of a Hammond organ and the likes.
    I never played like Stevie Winwood nor Jon Lord though, maybe all the right keys but not necessarily in the same order as they played – ha!
    You’ve got me thinking – Have I time?

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Hi Simon,

      I think you have until the 28th if you want to grab one of these deals. You never know, if you practice enough you might get as good as Stevie Winwood.

  4. Amanda

    Black Friday is great!

    I’ve been looking around a lot for Pioneer equipment, specifically the equipment that they have for djing. I recently purchased a controller from Native Instruments and while the set-up is great…I find jogwheels to be really touchy, whereas with records you can gently touch it and it’ll go where you need it to go.

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Yes, some people just prefer to do things the old fashioned way 🙂

  5. John

    I’m assuming I missed the sale, but it was still cool to see all the products and different options and read about what they can do. Are any of these compatible with a mobile platform, such as an iPhone or an ipad. If not could you recommend a good synth for mobile platform?

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Yes, unfortunately you did miss the sale. But if you are look for mobile synths, take a look at my Free Synth Apps for iPad.


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