Vatanator: the New Drum Machine App for the iPad

Apple has recently released new drum machine app for the iPad called Vatanator. Take a look at this demonstration video:

So as you can see, it has two main screens. One has 8 drum pads so you can record yourself playing them in real time. the other screen is laid out in a grid format as a step sequencer, so you can program in the 8 different drum sounds to play at any of the 16 steps in the sequence.

It seems to be a very versatile drum machine, sound-wise. It has 140 separate drum kits, and they are very different to each other as you can hear in the video above. The same sequence played with various drum kits totally changes how it sounds.

On that step sequencer screen, you also have a mixer section at the top, featuring volume sliders and knobs. But you can switch it to an effects section, where you can control the sliders for Delay, Distortion, Filter, and Reverb. There is also a small Sample Editor screen where you can visually change the envelope of each sound.

In addition to the step sequencer, there is also a Song Mode, where you can arrange your various sequences into a chain.

I think this drum machine is a very cost effective way for any musician to add backing drum beats to whatever they are doing. So maybe you are a guitarist and you want a realistic acoustic drum sound to play along to. This will do that. Or maybe you are a rapper and you want some hip hop style beats to do your thing over. Whatever your style, if you want a versatile drum machine that costs only a few dollars, why not give it a go.

Additionally, with the ability to be able to synchronise it with other electronic gear using MIDI, it can become part of a bigger studio setup. For those who like to expand their sonic pallet by sampling their own sounds, Vatanator can do that too, effectively making it limitless in terms of the sounds it is capable of producing.

Anyway, I hope you found this article interesting or helpful. If you have any comments or questions, why not post them in the comments section below.

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