NEW: ST4 Hybrid Synthesizer/Tracker – For Chiptunes & More?

Now here’s an instrument that I’m struggling to place in terms of what niche it is trying to fill:

So, it seems to be good for creating 8-bit style chiptune sounds, which is great for anyone who is genuinely interested in creating chiptunes. However, it has some modern things going on that you wouldn’t have found in actual computer game music in the 80s. I’m talking about the filter and modulation controls, and the ability to do that dubstep style wob-wob sound.

At first, I was tempted so that say this instrument seems unnecessarily limiting when I saw them having to program in each step of the sequence using the computer keyboard. But then I saw that you can plug an external MIDI controller keyboard into it and play the sounds that way, so that expands things a bit.

But this is actually a kickstarter campaign to get the product off the ground. The campaign has actually come to an end and they achieved their goal of raising €30,000. I’m curious to know what the selling price of this unit will be.

Anyway, what do you think? Is this something you would buy? Would you have helped fund it if you had known about it while the campaign was still running? Why not let me know in the comments section below.

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