NEW: Korg Volca FM – Great Budget Synth?

For people who are fans of the fun little musical boxes in Korg’s Volca range, you might be interested in the Korg Volca FM:

Whereas the previous instruments in the Volca range were focussed on analogue synthesis and sampling, the Volca FM uses digital FM synthesis. But owners of the other Volcas will probably like the fact that the Volca FM has a very similar control interface, with the ribbon-stye keyboard used both for playing notes and for operating the step sequencer, and various tiny control knobs.

The connectivity makes this nicely expandable, with the MIDI meaning you can play it from a MIDI controller or use an external sequencer; and the sync in and out ports mean you can easily synchronise it with the other Volca machines. It also works with old DX7 sounds and gives that classic metallic FM sound that you may remember from the 80s.

But this is not the finished product yet, and it’s not yet clear when exactly this will be released.

What do you think of it? Do you already own other Volca synths and you’re excited to get your hands on this? Or are you tempted to start getting into playing around with this kind of fun musical boxes? Why no let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Michel

    The Korg Volca FM looks like a great little machine to have for those music lovers out there. Do you know when it is coming out? Is there a release date yet?

    Great that you can sync it with other Volca machines and the metallic 80’s sound you will get is another great feature.

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Unfortunately, I have not seen a release date yet. I assume it will be later in 2016.


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