NEW: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 – Worth the Price?

For fans of classic 80s synth sounds, you may be interested in the new Dave Smith Instruments OB-6:

This synth was actually designed by Tom Oberheim and Dave Smith and is part of a modern wave of new analog synthesizers that have the best of the new and the old. The synthesis is totally analog, with voltage controlled oscillators, 2-pole filter, and amplifiers, so you get that classic analog Oberheim sound. There are 4 different types of filter available: high-pass, low-pass, band-pass and notch.

Then there are the modern touches that bring it into the 21st century. It has an arpeggiator and poly step sequencer, for creating the kind of staccato rhythmic sequences we all remember from the 80s. Then you have a dual digital effects section, giving you professional quality chorus, delay, reverb, flange, ring modulator and phase shifter.

Also, being able to save your sounds for loading up again for using later, means you don’t lose your setting like you used to on old analog synths. There are 500 permanent factory programs along with 500 programs that you can write your own sounds to.

The only problem is the price. At $3,000, this is definitely not just a toy that a casual dabbler in music can afford. This is a serious modern analog synthesizer for professional musicians and producers who can afford the investment.


What do you think? Are you excited by the OB-6? Why not let me know in the comments section below.

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