Dave Smith Mopho Keyboard Review – Excellent Analog Bliss?

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

Welcome to my Dave Smith Mopho Keyboard review. So, what you have here is an excellent modern analog synthesizer that is great for doing fat basslines and screaming lead lines. It also has built-in sequencing, so you can set that going…
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Alesis V61 Review – a Compact Keyboard with Strange Velocity

Alesis V61

Welcome to my Alesis V61 review. This is a 61-key MIDI controller keyboard with square-front, semi-weighted keys. It also has 4 knobs that can be assigned to control any parameters within your digital audio workstation, as well as 4 buttons…
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Best Budget Studio Monitor Speakers Under $100, $200 or $300

Best Budget Studio Monitor Speakers

If you make music and have been mixing it on standard PC speakers, or even on high-end Hi-Fi speakers, you have been doing it wrong. Most standard PC speakers are not going to give you the clear sound quality you…
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NEW Eurorack Pack from Waldorf – a Synth in Pieces?

Waldorf Eurorack Pack

At NAMM 2016, Waldorf announced their new Eurorack Pack, as shown in the following video: So, last year, Waldorf released: The nw1 Wavetable Module Now, Waldorf are planning to release three new modules to accompany it, along with a controller…
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NEW: Arturia MatrixBrute Synth & KeyStep Sequencer

Arturia MaxtrixBrute Analog Synthesizer

As you may or may not know, Arturia have previously created the MiniBrute and MicroBrute analogue synthesizers, designed for producing some pretty raw and aggressive synth sounds. Now they are coming out with the MatrixBrute: It looks awesome, doesn’t it? The…
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