Above & Beyond Remix by Kebu – Better Than the Original?

When I was starting this website, I was looking for some examples of good quality electronic music, and I came across Kebu. You may or may not have seen his version of Crockett’s Theme which I included on my page Making Your Own Electronic Music. This got me hooked, and I quickly started watching his other videos. His music is exactly the kind of electronic music I really enjoy listening to, and would love to make actually.

I came across his remix of one of Above and Beyond’s songs, You Got to Go:

Isn’t that just beautiful? The synth sounds are superb, and the chords and melodies are amazing. If you’re wondering who is behind those lovely vocals, her name is Zoë Johnston, and she once briefly toured with the band Faithless. She has sung on quite a lot of Above and Beyond’s songs.

Here’s the original version:

It’s fine, but I can’t help but feel that it never quite lives up to its full potential. It’s a nice video, though, mainly due to the beautiful young women.

Still, it’s quite rare that a remix is actually better than the original, isn’t it? Or maybe I just haven’t heard enough good remixes.

Do you have any favourite songs where you prefer a remix rather than the original version? Why not let me know in the comments section below.

All the best,

P.S. Do you like beautiful chillout music? If so, have a listen to this.


  1. Tyler Redlev

    Hey i know this guy!

    Kebu is also a guy that i’m listening to. Damn he is great! My dream is to become as succesfull as him. He’s a damn beast.

    Your content was fun to read, but it’s quite short. I would like to read more. Can you write more?
    Thank you for the good content!)=)

    1. Marcus (Post author)

      Yes, I will try to write more. Thank you for your comment.


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